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Lucas wrote a short story

Lucas is dabbling in a bit of writing and has written a short story for Wolfsbane Magazine, titled ‘Night Owl’. You can read that here.

In other news, he’s taking a break from acting to focus on becoming a pilot, so there probably won’t be any new films or TV shows with him for quite some time. But we still have ‘Dr. Bird’s Advice fro Sad Poets’ and ‘To the Stars’ to look forward to.

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‘Anne With an E’ episode 10 screencaps + cancellation news

Screencaps of episode 10 of season 3 of ‘Anne With an E’ – ‘The Better Feeling of My Heart’ are now up in the gallery.
In sadder news, Netflix has cancelled the show. You can still try to save it. There are some Twitter campaigns and petitions going around and you can also request shows on Netflix.