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First look at ‘Every Day’

EW has released the first three promotional stills from ‘Every Day’. Sadly, none of them feature Lucas, but check them out anyway to get the feel of the movie. The release date has also been changed yet again, this time to February 23, 2018.

“The through line, I think, with all the 16 actors who play A, it really had something to do with the eyes,” Sucsy recalls. “Not the shape of the eyes… It’s a cliché or a phrase or an old adage — ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’ — and looking into these actors eyes in their audition, I saw a common thread that I suppose, if I were to shorthand it, would be something like an old soul and even though some of these actors were 15-20 years old, the thing that they all share in common is that they all really do have an old soul.”


“But I think they really achieve that with the casting,” she adds, “in that all of the people who played A have a specific quality about them that made them like the character.” Owen Teague (It), Lucas Jade Zumann (20th Century Women), Colin Ford (Under the Dome), Maria Bello (Prisoners), and Debby Ryan (Sing It!) help round out the main cast.


With Every Day scheduled for release on Feb. 23, 2018, Sucsy believes it’s a very modern story for today’s generation. “This generation of people [is] seeing the way the world is and can be with a wider perspective, a wider lens, that allows for things to be more beautiful and more complex, and like I said, less binary,” he says. “It’s a beautiful way to be seeing the world.”

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‘Every Day’ release date changed

According to Deadline, the release date of ‘Every Day’ has been pushed back from February 2, 2018 to April 27, 2018.

Where does this leave Orion Pictures? MGM’s recently relaunched stand-alone U.S. theatrical marketing and distribution company, will be releasing its first film under their new label, the young adult romance Every Day, based on David Levithan’s New York Times best-selling novel of the same name, starring Angourie Rice, Maria Bello and Debby Ryan on April 27, 2018. That label will remain on its own.

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‘Every Day’ to be released February 2, 2018

According to The Wrap, ‘Every Day’ will be the first official Orion Pictures release on February 2.

MGM is relaunching Orion Pictures as a new, standalone U.S. theatrical marketing and distribution company, MGM’s Chairman and CEO Gary Barber announced Wednesday.

The first film set to be released under the new standalone label will be Michael Sucsy’s YA romance “Every Day,” starring Angourie Rice, Maria Bello and Debby Ryan. The film will hit theaters on Feb. 2, 2018. “Every Day” is based on the best-selling novel of the same name and tells the story or a 16-year-old girl who falls in love with a spirit named A.

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Lucas joins YA romantic drama ‘Every day’

According to Deadline, Lucas has joined the YA romantic drama ‘Every Day’ as Nathan.

Maria Bello, Jessie star Debby Ryan and Jacob Batalon, who can currently be seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming, have come aboard MGM/Likely Story/FilmWave’s upcoming YA romantic drama Every Day. The Get Down’s Justice Smith and Lucas Jade Zumann (20th Century Women) round out the cast as production is underway in Toronto with Michael Sucsy at the helm.

The pic stars previously announced Angourie Rice as 16-year-old Rhiannon, who falls in love with a spirit named A, a traveling soul who wakes each morning in a different body, living a different life every day. Jesse Andrews adapted the screenplay based on David Levithan’s best-selling novel of the same name.

Zumann, who plays Nathan in the film, can currently be seen in Netflix’s Anne With An E and is repped by UTA. Batalon, who’s set for the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming and is repped by Paradigm, will play James, an intimidating teen.